Delusions of Grandeur

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted here, and I’m trying not to completely ignore this blog. I’d much rather be writing rather than be writing about writing, but, you know, I don’t want this thing to get stagnant or anything. So, I figure I’ll share a little information about my second novel, Delusions of Grandeur.

I finished my second novel. I actually pounded it out in a little over a week, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. This book is unrelated to the Ring Crisis series, and it’s actually a stand-alone novel, which was a nice and refreshing change from my norm. Being able to write from beginning to ending and have a story with some closure felt fantastic. I obviously need to do a few revisions and a lot of editing on it still, but the story is down and I’m more than happy with what I have. I honestly surprised myself with the amount of emotion I poured into it, and I think it stands a chance of doing well.

I’m taking a different approach with Delusions of Grandeur. I could finish it up and go ahead self publish it and have it ready to go within a month, but I really think that the idea and the story are good enough to be picked up by a publisher. I sent my manuscript and query to approximately fifteen publishers already, and I’m awaiting responses. I’m expecting a lot of rejection letters, but even rejection with constructive criticism would be happily welcomed.

So far I’ve gotten responses from a couple different companies. One of them offered to publish it for me, and they sent me a sample contract to go over and let them know if I wanted to accept. It seems…okay, but I think I could do better. They do publish it for free and everything, but from what I’ve read they don’t put a lot of time or resources into marketing or anything. It’s a nice back up plan, but I’d rather run out all my other options first, so I’m keeping them on the back burner. I’d rather get a publishing deal with someone who’s going to help me become successful. I got a second response from a company that says they admire the idea of my novel and that they would love to publish it but they’re full until 2014, and they wished me luck. I don’t mind waiting…but that’s a little long. I’m glad to get a response from them though. Gives me hope. I got a few other responses from people telling me they were assigned to my manuscripts and that I would be hearing from them in the near future. I have my fingers crossed, and I’ll be waiting patiently. If I keep striking out, I’ll just find fifteen more to send the manuscript off to.

I suppose I should give a little bit of insight as to what the book is about. I’ll try to make it short and sweet. This novel is quite different than my usual work in the light that I wrote it for a potential Young Adult audience. That’s a pretty successful category right now, so I’m hoping that I can get some readers, even if my book has nothing to do with vampires or sex. Well, I guess I can’t say it’s ENTIRELY without vampires, but that’s a whole other story.

Delusions of Grandeur is about a young boy who lives a terrible life. He has to deal with terrible things ranging from bullies to addictions to abuse. He deals with his demons by burying himself in his books. His imagination is so wild that he creates an alter ego in his mind, one that lives in fantasy lands based on the places in his books, but this hero that he pretends to be deals with comparative problems that helps the boy figure out how to deal with his own. The alter ego takes on different forms all based on the boy’s role models from his favorite books. Cowboys, knights, detectives, monster hunters, and super powers, every time the boy’s problem changes, so does his alter ego. He learns, however, that solving his problems isn’t quite so easy as he spirals deeper and deeper into the thick of things, falling headfirst into more trouble than what he started with.

I think it’s a fantastic story, and the dynamics of which are exciting and it never slows down. It’s a wild ride from beginning to end, and it packs a punch filled with raw emotion. If anyone is interested in checking it out before it’s released, let me know, and I’ll share with you.

I’m not idle while I sit in wait. Now that this book is finished, I’m back to Ring Crisis: Counterstrike. I should be able to finish within a couple of weeks, if I stay on task. I will continue to self-publish this series as I have, and if I finish it in time, I’d like to release it on 12-21-12. I’ll keep in touch with more news as I get it. Thanks for reading this far, if you have, and feel free to comment!

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