There are several reasons I’m writing this post. Let me start off by saying that this blog has been very useful, I wish I would have made one long ago. It’s also much easier than I expected it to be.

Ring Crisis: Stimulus – I have officially dropped the prices for both the paperback and kindle versions. Paperback has jumped down from 12.99 to 9.99 and kindle has dropped down from 4.99 to 2.99 respectively. It’s been several months since it’s release and it’s successor will be finished soon, I figured it’s high time I went ahead and dropped it.

Also, I am running a free promotion for the kindle downloads starting tomorrow. This three day promotion will run all day on October 23, 24, and 25th. Remember, you don’t need to have a kindle to get the kindle download. Anyone with IOS or Android software (which is basically anyone) or anyone with a computer period can get the free kindle application downloaded, which means you can receive this book for free. I recommend taking advantage of this opportunity, or at least downloading the free app because there are plenty of great books that run free promotions. This costs you absolutely nothing. I can’t be any clearer about this.

As I have already announced via my social networking sites, the three Halloween short stories I wrote, Haunting Irony, A Mother’s Confession, and Escape!, are going to be combined in a Halloween Anthology alongside around seventy other stories by approximately fifty different authors. This e-book will be released on Halloween and will be free forever. So back to the kindle thing, get the free app, get the free book, read some cool stories.

I am also going to be entering into some interesting contests in the near future, and I’ll tell more about that later. I don’t much care if I win as long as my writing is improving.

The second installment of Ring Crisis, called Counterstrike, is almost finished. I’ve taken a little time away from it to work on several short stories, but it is almost complete so I’ll probably be finishing it during the month of November. My hope is to be able to release it on December 21st, 2012, as that was my initial deadline that I set for myself. I’ll let you know more on that front as it progresses.

I believe this pretty much wraps it up for me. I just wanted to be give a concentrated update on all things me as well as test out the sharing links I just activated so, if you have any questions, please ask. Thanks!

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               Keep running Ron,  I thought to myself as I continued to push my physical boundaries, running down the dimly lit main street in my small town of Deshler, Ohio, doing my best to ignore the vicious crack of the winter wind’s whip against my red, unsheltered face and the glaciating snowflakes that fell upon it, numbing my exposed extremities and allowing me to almost ignore the pain of the impending frostbite, a minute pleasure that may have been the only upside in the otherwise absolute worst and most sickening night I had experienced in the entirety of my short-lived life.

The massive amount of liquor I had ingested earlier in the night dominated my system, allowing me to push through the impossible and idiotic conditions I was trekking through by running in freezing temperatures, which was more than I could say for my poor daughter, Michelle, who clung tightly around my neck, teeth chattering in a never ending shiver and body shaking from the cold her delicate frame was unable to withstand. Her eyes were closed tightly, though her warm tears still managed to dedicate a steady stream towards reaching my face, which was almost a blessing for in the brief moment of impact they at least offered a small pinpoint of warmth, however fleeting that may have been. Frightened, she rubbed her own soft and rosy frostbitten cheek against my rough beard, the prickly feel of which she normally hated, but which seemed to serve as a reminder of something familiar and memorable from before this haunted night in an attempt to lead her to some happy nonexistent place in her mind where she could find a smidgeon of comfort to hold on to as her world came crashing down around her.  Her lip quivered in an attempt to make out some phrasing that couldn’t be understood over her sobs and the sound of my heart echoing within my head. With each massive pound against my chest, I expected it to finally make its way out of the cavity it resided in, which would have been a blessing had it gotten me out of dealing with my current situation, but I had to be sure my daughter was safe.

“Everything is going to be fine, honey,” I whispered in a feeble attempt to console her, hoping to quell some of her fear. The smell of freshly ingested Jack Daniels rolled past my chapped lips alongside my words as they left my lying mouth.

Close to my side ran Annabelle, the young babysitter who had been watching Michelle when I returned home from the bar, hammered and in a hurry to protect my daughter from impending doom. She had been following me since, in an attempt to reach safety from the dangers that approached, hoping not to reach the same sad demise as the other townspeople, but she wasn’t my responsibility, nor was she my concern. The odds were already against me getting Michelle to safety, but I was going to do whatever I could to tip them back in my favor.

I wasn’t sure how much longer my feeble body was going to be able to hold out in the conditions that were thrust upon me, as I felt my spaghetti noodle legs begin to give out. I couldn’t allow myself to drop here in the middle of the street, so I looked around the abandoned road for some sign of shelter where I could hide and attempt to protect my child. Going inside a building was a bad idea, for I could still picture what happened to the people trapped inside the bar, with nowhere to run to as the beast ripped them to shreds while I snuck out of the bathroom window. It made such quick work of the dozens of people in there, I could only imagine how easy it would be for it to rip the three of us to shreds. I was frantic and beginning to panic, unable to think straight due to my brain’s inebriated state and I thought I was going to vomit when I finally laid eyes upon my safe haven.

I hurried across a wooden bridge which hung above a ditch that I had once gotten my truck stuck in while driving home intoxicated, hence the reason I didn’t have any vehicular transportation in this awful situation, though if I had I would have been more than likely to crash it before getting out of town anyways. I could see the remote shack in the middle of the field on the other side of the bridge, the purpose of which I had never been entirely certain, but I remembered seeing it in the distance when I crashed my truck years earlier. It was far enough away from any street lights that if I could get us there, we could potentially hide on top for as long as we had to in order to become safe.

I looked back over my shoulder and saw the beast approaching in the distance, still hungry after devouring the rest of my unfortunate community, and ready to finish its meal. I needed a distraction if I was going to get away from it and out of its sight, and I didn’t have to think for very long before realizing what I had to do. I threw all of my weight to the right against Annabelle’s small frame, catching her off guard and managing to knock her over the edge of the small bridge. She screamed out in surprise and when she reached the bottom she landed hard, probably breaking multiple limbs. If my face wasn’t too numb to form an expression at this point, mine would have been apologetic as I looked down at the poor high school girl I left to die. But a moment was all I merited her, and I quickly continued across the field towards the shack.

“Don’t open your eyes, baby,” I whispered to Michelle as I continued my attempt to get her to safety. I looked back to see the beast leap into the ditch with her and shortly after I heard screams of fear quickly turn into screams of anguish. It roared as it ripped into her flesh as if she were just another meal and while these sounds may have sickened anyone else, I gladly accepted them with relief that the beast took the bait.

When I reached the shack, I ran around to the back of it so that the beast wouldn’t see us if it did head in this direction. After a small struggle, I finally managed to pull the sobbing Michelle from gripping me, and I sat her down on a crate. I climbed up to it, and then lifted her high to the safety of the building. Once she was up there, I grabbed onto the roof and pulled myself up alongside her. I looked into the distance and saw the beast retreating, and for the first time in over an hour, I began to feel like I had an actual chance of survival.

“It’s alright now, sweetie. We’re safe here.” I held my daughter close to me as we huddled for warmth under the night sky, heavily littered with stars and plump full moon, as round as I’d ever seen it. For some reason, I suddenly became transfixed on the object. I had never been interested in the moon, and now was certainly not the time for its admiration, however, I couldn’t manage to pull my eyes from it. That’s when I began to feel different. The alcohol and the fear no longer dominated my body, but instead, it was as if instinct took over.

“Daddy, what happened to your leg?” Michelle asked, finally noticing the four gashes I had from when the beast managed to claw me on my way out of the bathroom window. They had been the least of my worries, until now.

My back cracked as it arched straight up and I felt like every bone in my body was breaking. The pain was unbearable, as my shape shifted into something bigger, something stronger. I let out a small cry as fur exploded from my body. My jaw extended into a snout, and my ears sunk into the sides of my head, reshaping themselves towards the top of my skull. I fell forward on hands which had formed themselves into furry paws. I howled once more at my mistress in the sky, ready to serve her.

I no longer felt the pain from the gashes on my leg. I no longer felt the heavy cloud of intoxication weighing upon me. I no longer felt the cold underneath my new coat of fur. I no longer felt the guilt of sacrificing Annabelle. Mostly, I no longer felt the need to protect the child who cowered before me. I had escaped all of these things, and I simply felt the need to feed. With one final howl, I pounced.

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Memory Lane

I sprinted across the field, huffing and puffing, but trying to hold out. I could feel my pursuers on my heels and I had grown so tired that my vision was blurred. Nothing in my surroundings was taking it’s proper shape. It was as if I were on powerful hallucinogens or psychedelic drugs. My footsteps were slowing beyond my control as the baby blue sky hanging above me swirled into a boring white paint which splashed violently upon the walls that were appearing on my sides. I closed my eyes and shook my head as I continued to take increasingly heavy steps, even when slowing to an infantile like walk.

I opened my tired eyes once more to find myself in a hospital setting. At this point all of my muscles had instantly became weak and I felt like an invisible force was summoning my entire body to the floor. I forced my weakened bones to continue the struggle and turned around, knowing that facing my pursuers would be the only possibility at an escape from the mental prison I was navigating. A man and a woman reached out to grab me, sensing that my defeat was in their grasp. I warily reached two wrinkly old hands out to press them against the chest of the man, but my fingers ached as I attempted to extend them from their comfortably curled position. These couldn’t be my hands. Could this be a dream, or another effect of the drugs I had been administered?
“Mr Porter,” the woman said as her male counterpart gently took hold of me. “I need you to come back to your room now.” She put on a smile which was probably meant to call me, but the only effect it had on me was that of nausea. I could have been sick if I hadn’t felt so empty inside. Realizing that I couldn’t physically overcome my enemies, I swallowed my spit and fought the frightened feeling within me and found what words I could muster.
A voice I had never heard before croaked from my throat. “I have to find Alyssa…” I heard myself say. The energy it took me to speak summoned gravity to bring me down harshly, slamming my weak knees against the cold, hard floor. This was the first time I realized I was in a hospital gown, but that image quickly faded as my surroundings were now twisting away to a dark and empty void, ready to swallow my entirety.
“Woah there,” the man said to me, trying to stabilize me as if I were some sort of animal within his control, “that’s enough excitement for today.”
His words meant nothing to me. All that mattered was that I escaped this prison that was holding my mind captive. “Alyssa…” I muttered in the same unrecognizable voice I had before as I crumpled to the floor, and everything slipped away into the inevitable darkness.
At this point I was actually relieved on some level. Although I was completely without control, this old body that was holding me hostage had me tired beyond belief and I was ready for some rest. I knew though, that once my eyes opened again, I would get to the bottom of this mess and I would escape the custody of whoever it was that held me. However, the sleep didn’t come. I felt cold hands on me, lifting me and setting me down on what I could only assume was a stretcher, but I didn’t drift any further. I could hear and feel everything that was happening to me. I attempted to open my eyes with no success. So I did all that I could do, I listened.
“Trust me,” I heard the woman’s voice say, “I know where you’re coming from, but it’s not our right to tell him. We aren’t loved ones, we’re just his caretakers.”
Before I could find out what it was they weren’t telling me, my eyes suddenly decided to cooperate. However, when they opened, my surroundings weren’t what I expected. I was in a cemetery, with rain beating down on me from above. I held my hands up, and I realized that they were my own again. I quickly moved my legs and found that my entire body was back to normal. I breathed a happy sigh of relief and looked up at the dark sky, allowing my grief to be washed away by the heavy raindrops that fell upon my forehead.

I squinted my eyes and I could make out two figures in the distance, standing near a tombstone. It seemed like they were arguing about something. Suddenly, I couldn’t remember how I had gotten to the cemetery in the first place. Was I with this couple? Surely I wouldn’t just hang out in a graveyard alone, especially in the rain. I hurried towards them, trying to gain a clue as to what was going on, and hoping that they could help me piece together my day.

When I got close enough to make out that they were a man and a woman, they seemed familiar, as if I had known them from somewhere, but I couldn’t place the memory. I jogged over to them, but they didn’t seem at all startled by my presence. Instead, they just continued to exchange words like they weren’t in the middle of a cemetery during a storm.
“You call this taking care of him?” the man said loudly over booming thunder. Whatever it was he was talking about, it did seem as if he actually cared. “All I see is us repeatedly hurting him, and I think it could be avoided. For all we know, this Alyssa person does exist.”

It quickly occurred to me that I did, in fact, know these people, and that they also knew Alyssa. If they knew us both, I wondered if they knew Max as well. And if so, why couldn’t I place them? And on top of that, why were they pretending like they didn’t notice me approaching them in the graveyard, or at the very least acknowledge that I was there?
The woman was becoming frustrated with the conversation. “For all we know, Alyssa is dead,” she said, “now is that really a conversation you want to have to have with Mr. Porter? Try explaining that to him on top of everything else you think it’s necessary to shove on his plate… oh shit. I think he heard me…”

For the first time, I realized what was on the tombstone in front of me. It read Here Lie Max and Alyssa Walters – Together Forever, Even in Death

Tears began to stream down my face as my surroundings blurred around me and took the shape of a car. I looked down to see that I was in the driver’s seat, although I had no recollection of getting in the car.

“Hurry up,” Max said, from the back seat, “we’re ready to get this honeymoon started!” Alyssa’s laugh rang in my ears and I smiled as I remembered where I was. I was driving my best friends, Max and Alyssa from their wedding to the airport that would fly them away to get lost in each other on some island for their honeymoon.

“Alright, alright,” I chuckled, stepping on the gas. “Keep your pants on. No really, keep your pants on, you guys can at least wait until you’re on the plane!”

They laughed and Alyssa leaned forward between the seats to kiss me on the cheek. “Thanks again for driving us,” she said, and she turned back to making out with her newly wedded husband.

I looked in the rear view mirror at her rosy complexion. She was blushing as Max kissed her as if this was her first time with him, even though they had been together for years. The happiness that radiated from her was childlike, and I felt warm inside just watching her. All I could think about as I was transfixed on her beauty was how that could have been me in the back seat with her. Max was my best friend too, and I was happy for them, but there was no doubt in my mind that my heart beat solely for her. I smiled, thinking of how it could be me that made her that happy, and imagining myself back there with her. She was all that existed to me, and the rest of the world drowned away in the background, including the large truck that smashed into us at that moment.

I screamed, and tears rolled down my cheeks, but suddenly I wasn’t in a car anymore, and Alyssa and Max were nowhere to be seen. Instead, a man and a woman were standing in front of me as I sat up in a hospital bed. I felt frail, but I didn’t know why.

“Now look what you’ve done,” the man said. He sighed deeply. “I’m just saying, every day Mr. Porter attempts to escape this place to find somebody who doesn’t even exist, and we have to wrangle him up and drag him back here against his will so that he can be miserable. We’re lucky that he doesn’t get hurt most days! You say we have to be loved ones to tell him the truth but he doesn’t have any loved ones to take care of him and tell him he has Alzheimer’s.”
They were suddenly silent, as if that was a piece of information they shouldn’t have let slip. My mind couldn’t even process what was happening to me. I had a faint memory of killing the only people I ever loved growing even fainter by the moment, but that couldn’t be a bad thing, because the pain of realizing what I had done was even weighing on me physically. I felt old, tired, and worn. I tried to push myself out of bed, but I was far too weak, and instead I fell back down onto the hard bed. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth in pain, but when I opened them, there was no ceiling above me. Instead, it was a brightly lit sky.
“Look at that cloud!” I heard my friend Max exclaim. “It looks like a fish!”
“Yeah but that one looks like a cat, and cats are way cooler,” Alyssa said with a giggle. “And besides, cats eat fish!”
I couldn’t remember laying in the grass, but the moment was perfect. “Do you guys think we’ll still hang out when we’re adults?” I asked. Something inside me told me not to let them go. I felt if I lost them then I would be doomed to loneliness, which is a hard reality for a child to face.
“Like when we’re thirty?” Max asked, sitting up.
“I guess,” I said, pushing myself up to be on eye level with the others. When I laid my eyes on Alyssa, I felt like my heart beat faster. As she placed sat up the wind blew her bright blonde hair out of her blue eyes, and that’s when I knew I was in love.
“Don’t be silly,” she said, putting her soft hands in ours, one in Max’s, and one in mine. “ We’re only ten now, but we’re best friends. Obviously we’ll be together forever.”
“What about when we die?” Max asked.
I could see a glimpse of a man and a woman standing above me, while doctors tried all they could to sustain me. I didn’t know what it meant, but it frightened me, so I held on tighter to Alyssa’s hand, and grabbed Max’s other hand with my free one.
“We’ll be buried together,” Alyssa said. “We’ll make sure we put it in our wills that we want to be buried together.”
“But why?” Max asked, but I understood. We would never have to spend eternity alone if we knew we would end up together in the end anyways.
Alyssa smiled. “So that we can be together forever, even in death,” she said, and she kissed us each on the cheek.
My surroundings drifted to black, but this time there was no hospital. I could see a faint vision of a tombstone, which read three names. I couldn’t control my body to smile, wherever I was, and I a distant beep was the last thing I heard as my consciousness faded away, leaving only one memory to remain in my mind, and it was the happiest I could have ever asked for.

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A Mother’s Confession

My name is Rachel Maddox, and it was on this day, October 31st, 2012, that I killed four people. Not hours after committing these crimes, I now sit down to write to you my official confession, hands still stained scarlet from the deeds I’ve done. My lip still quivers, unable to shake the vivid imagery from my mind. It is not my intention to absolve myself of any guilt, but rather to explain my actions, so that my children aren’t left to wonder what could have driven their mother to commit such heinous crimes. It was in fact because of my children that I forced myself to muster enough strength to do what had to be done in the first place. I hope that one day they can understand why I did what I did. Now that that has been established, I can continue with the details.

It all started at a Halloween party. Looking back, it was foolish to go to this party in the first place, but I needed a night out, and it was the children’s father’s turn to take them trick or treating anyways, so they were staying the night at his house for the evening. I took advantage of the situation and allowed myself to get fairly intoxicated, so intoxicated in fact that I didn’t even notice when I was drugged. At first I thought that my drowsiness was just a side effect of the drinking, but before I knew it I could no longer concentrate, and the next memory I have is waking up.

When I finally came to, it was the tight metal chain around my throat that woke me in the first place. I felt it being tugged against my skin, and I choked loudly as I opened my eyes. Even whilst being choked, my surroundings still took a minute to come into clarity. I tried to reach up to grab at the cold chain that continued to constrict around me, causing me more and more pain the longer it held on, but I realized for the first time that my hands were shackled to the table I was leaning back against. I attempted to struggle but found that I couldn’t move as my feet were also shackled. I looked around me at my surroundings as I continued to choke, tears dripping from my eyes, and my heart began to pound when I saw the others. There were two more people shackled just like me, a young man in a pirate’s costume, and a girl in a black dress with cat ears on her head. Neither of them looked any older than 25. On the other side of the room was the scariest part, however. A bearded man sat in a chair, simply staring at us, watching us squirm, with a sick smile on his face. He had a glass of something in his hand, which he sipped on, legs crossed in front of him as if he was watching some kind of show for his entertainment.

I only had one thought in my mind. I had to get out of this sick situation. I had to see my kids again, whatever it took. That’s what I kept thinking to myself when the man finally pressed a button loosening my chain around my neck. I was finally able to breathe, and I heaved and cried for several seconds, but ultimately calmed myself down. I had to remain calm for the children. Getting home to them was my top priority, so when the man finally spoke, explaining to us what he wanted from us, I knew I would comply. Years ago I would have never gone through with the things his asked of me, but becoming a mother changed everything.

When the man spoke, he kept it simple. He got straight to the point in telling us what we wanted. He said that whichever one of us was brave enough to murder the other two would be allowed to leave in one piece. He asked each one of us if we could do it. First, was the Pirate. That poor man thought that surely there was no way that any one of us would comply, and so he told the sick bastard to go to Hell. Following his lead, the Cat said something similar to the man, with much fouler language. And finally, the man asked me. He referred to me as “Nurse” as that was the costume I had chosen for the party. Once he asked me, I wasted no time. I felt remorse for the other two, but they were nowhere as important to me as my children were, and they needed their mother. I told the man that I would do it, and he smiled, pressing another button. This one released my shackles and I stepped down from my table, following his instructions.

The chain remained around my neck as I walked to the table in the center of the room containing the tools. It seemed to be unraveling from somewhere behind the table that I had been on. The man told me I could use whatever was on the table, but that I had to be creative, and if he was pleased with my “work” then he would release me. The Pirate and the Cat begged me to stop and consider what I was doing. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t think about it. If I did, I might not have had the courage to go through with what needed to be done.

I went to work on the Pirate first, using an ice cream scooper to remove his eyeballs from his skill. It was one of the metal ones, with the lever to help slide the ice cream, or in this case the eye ball, out of the scooper. I drowned out his screams with a power drill, which I used to slowly disconnect the flesh and bones on the man’s arms from the rest of his body. Blood, chunks of flesh, and bone dust littered my costume, making it look like I was meant to be some sort of zombie nurse. I used a large mallet on the man’s kneecaps, and just when he was almost dead, I finished the job by burying a hatchet into his forehead.

When it came to the Cat, I got more personal with it. I personally reached my hand into her mouth and sliced her tongue off with a switchblade. I wrapped a long lock of her curly hair around the head of a hammer and pulled until I ripped it from her skull. I dug my fingernails into her sides and ripped them open by repeatedly scratching away at her flesh. I sliced a line down her abdomen and then stuck the claw of a hammer and a screwdriver in her open wounds, tugging her meat to the side and ripping it off of her body. She panted, open, as she died a hideous creature, a sad shadow of the beautiful girl she once was.

This was when the man told me I needed to use the tools on myself. After everything I did for him. After the horrors I caused. He was going back on his word. I grabbed a hold of the hatchet and quickly hacked away at the chain that bound me, cutting myself loose. I grabbed the dragging chain and ran towards the man. He hadn’t expected this, and fell backwards in his chair, where I had the perfect opportunity to wrap the metal chain around his own neck. I knew nothing about this man, yet we shared the intimate moment of staring into each other’s eyes as I extinguished his life. After his last breath, I began to heave. I freaked out and lost it for several hours, until I finally pulled myself together long enough to get to this pen and paper.

Ironically, even though I did what I did to see my children again, I can’t drive the screams from my head. The images of what I’ve done are burned into my memory and the tears keep flowing. To have my children see me this way would poison their memory of me, and honestly, I don’t think it would be safe for them. So, even now, I’m doing what I think will be best for them. As I write this final paragraph, I am grabbing the gun that I found in the man’s cabinet with my left hand, and I’m holding it up to my temple. To my children, I love you, and I hope one day you’ll understand.

“I don’t get it,” Mark said, setting down the letter. “We searched four times and other than her strangled ex husband, there are no bodies.”

Jason hung up his phone. “They just searched the bitch’s house. They found her children brutally murdered, still in their Halloween costumes. Get this. Her son was a pirate, and her daughter was a cat.”

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Haunting Irony

Lacey hated Halloween. The events that transpired in her life on that day were almost unspeakable, and caused her complete and utter ruin. The only thing the poor girl wanted more than to forget about it altogether was to put an end to the thing that made her hate the day in the first place.

In order to have a better understanding of why Lacey felt so strongly about a day that most people associated with fun and happiness, one must first be provided with her gruesome back story. It was several years prior that Lacey’s comfortable life was ripped away from her. Everything she had come to know in growing up, every piece of her padded lifestyle, and every true smile she had ever had no longer meant a thing thanks to this very day.

Two years ago, shortly after Lacey had turned eighteen years old, she still lived with her father. She was fresh out of High School, and she had just begun attending a local college, but she saw no point in moving out just yet. While many adolescents wanted nothing more throughout High School than to escape their overbearing parents, she actually cared deeply for her father, and their relationship since her Mother’s passing had only grown stronger. He singlehandedly raised Lacey on his own, and they had the strongest of bonds, and really, she saw no reason to leave him to loneliness, at least not while she was still practically a child.

Lacey loved her father more than anything else in her life, and she hoped to never lose him. Unfortunately for the poor girl, two Halloweens ago, that was exactly what transpired. Her father was murdered while she was out at a party and it shattered her world. What was worse was that it wasn’t something as simple as being shot. Instead, the man’s body was ripped to shreds as if it had been gnashed apart by some kind of monster. Strips of flesh were strewn about the house when Lacey found what was left of her father, and there was barely enough of his face left for her to discern his identity. His heart was completely gone, with no trace to where it could have been. Seeing such carnage in her home destroyed the innocent girl that she was. As everything she held dear was ripped to shreds around her, she fell into an emotional darkness that she could never truly climb out from again. Despite all of the sarcasm and negativity that most people her age carried around with them, she had been a very positive person, however, her spirit died along with the rest of the goodness in her life.

It wasn’t long before Lacey dropped out of college and got an apartment of her own. It was tough, but she couldn’t live in that house any longer. The memories she had were too painful, and it was bad enough with the vivid images of what became of her dear father burned into her mind without passing through the room. She could still imagine the bloodstained walls and carpet, and calling that haunted place home wasn’t something she could bring herself to do.

The following Halloween she spent her time with her childhood friend Rachel. Although she had alienated herself from just about everyone that she had associated with before her traumatic experience, Rachel still stood by her. They had been friends for so much of their lifetime, and she agreed to give up having any fun on Halloween night and instead of going out with other people their age, she stayed over at Lacey’s place to keep an eye on her.

The trauma had many negative effects on Lacey, but it didn’t make her unreasonable. It wasn’t like she was necessarily frightened that she was in any danger by being alone. She didn’t think that there was someone out to get her, especially because the attack on her father was so clearly caused by some kind of animal. She didn’t fear that anything would happen to her, but her own mind was scary enough that she would rather have someone she trusted nearby to distract her. As the day had drawn nearer, she felt herself being pulled closer and closer to the axis of insanity and she needed to keep her emotions and mind intact if she wanted to successfully make it through the horrid holiday.

Her mind did get the best of her, however, and images of her frayed father filled her mind, giving her migraines to accompany her emotional pain. She ended up laying down to rest while Rachel promised to remain in the living room in case she was needed. Lacey filled her feathered pillows with tears much like those they had grown so accustomed to throughout the year since her patriarch’s passing. Memories of the man who raised her carried her off into a saddened slumber, and she slept for several hours before waking.

Lacey woke up knowing her life couldn’t get any worse, and she would have been a lucky girl if that had only been the truth. At midnight she fell to her knees in her living room, her psyche in shambles, viewing a repeat of what had happened to her the previous year. Rachel’s golden blonde hair was the most recognizable thing, strewn about the room, stuck to different furniture and walls by chunks of bloodied scalp. Lacey fell forward, her hands shaking above Rachel’s open ribcage. Despite the gore, Lacey had to search. She had to know. Through everything, all of the torn flesh and bloodied, broken bones, she couldn’t find her old friend’s heart anywhere. She simultaneously vomited and cried uncontrollably until help arrived.

This year was going to be different. Whatever monster haunted her, she wouldn’t let it get away with it again. She had left her old town for a year after the incident with Rachel, only just now returning on her least favorite day, Halloween. She made her presence known, certain that whoever it was that wanted to continuously torture her soul would come for her. She was counting on it anyways. She checked into a motel room and she waited. After everything she had been through, her mind had become her enemy. She tried to keep herself steady, but the smallest of triggers had the capability of tossing her into a relapse. On this day, however, she vowed to keep herself together. She had to get revenge. For her father, and for Rachel, she had to exact vengeance. It wasn’t an option. She would end this monster’s reign this year no matter what.

She sat on the edge of her bed, waiting for something to happen. It was Halloween. Something had to happen. Anything else would be inconsistent. The silence was deafening to her ears, but it was important that she concentrated, or at least tried.

             Knock. Knock. Knock.

Three short knocks came at the door very suddenly, which made Lacey jump from her seat. She got up, feeling for the knife handle sticking up out of her boot to be sure it was still there and made her way to the door. Seeing that it was the sheriff, she opened the door. She let him in, and tried to listen as he explained that he was coming to check on her. He also tried to tell her that returning was a bad idea, but her mind was becoming clouded. She instantly got a terrible migraine and just as she thought she would pass out, clarity fell upon her instead.

Lacey suddenly remembered everything. She remembered how she used nothing more than her own teeth and nails to rip her father and friend to shreds. She remembered the feeling as her fingernails dug into their chests, ripping apart their warm flesh. She remembered the tears that left the eyes of the people who thought her a loved one. But most of all, she remembered the feeling of warm, beating hearts between her teeth. She licked her lips and a sickening smile spread across her face as she pounced on the unsuspecting sheriff.

Hours later, Lacey woke up on the bathroom floor of the motel room. She didn’t remember passing out, but it must have been after a shower, as she was completely clean. She walked out and what she saw destroyed her. She had missed it again. She failed herself. She failed her childhood friend. But most of all, she failed her loving father. Unable to live with what she was witnessing, she grabbed her knife and raised it to her throat. With a swift swipe, she spread her own flesh, bleeding herself out in hopes that she could finally end the terrors that haunted her. She fell to the ground, a final tear emerging from her eye as she crashed. While she viewed her suicide as a failure, she had no idea that she was actually avenging her father’s death by finally killing the monster- herself.

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My First Post

So, I have finally gotten around to making a website. It is very bland at the moment but it will advance as time goes on. I will primarily be using this page to post short stories and other things in hopes of concentrating my feedback. Also, I have links posted to find my first book in both kindle and paperback forms. There are also links to my Facebook Author page as well as my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’m still getting the hang of this thing, so it will evolve as I do. Thanks for stopping by!

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